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Yahoo and Paypal Take on Google Checkout

Yahoo and Paypal have announced that merchants that accept Paypal as a form of payment will have a special shopping cart icon displayed with their listing in Yahoo Sponsored Search results. It will look like this:

Paypal Icon in Yahoo Search Results

This is similar in concept to Google’s display of a special icon in the Adwords listing of merchants who accept Google Checkout as a form of payment. Interestingly enough, the Paypal logo is a shopping cart that looks strikingly similar to the original Google checkout logo before they changed it to is current version.

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One Response to “Yahoo and Paypal Take on Google Checkout”

  1. Jestep

    Would you have any idea on how to signup for this service with YSM? I definitely have noticed a worthwhile click increase on google ads with the shopping cart icon, and I imagine that similar results would be seen on Yahoo.

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