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What is The Match File?

The Match File is a database file used by MasterCard and Visa processing banks to identify specific merchants and owners who have had their merchant accounts terminated. Once a merchant is on this list it is highly unlikely that future merchant account applications will be approved. The Match File is essentially a BLACKLIST from which it is almost impossible to be removed.

For a business or merchant to be added to the Match File they need to violate Visa and MasterCard rules in some way. The most common reasons include:

  • Fraud
  • Factoring (ringing sales for another business)
  • An excessive number of chargebacks
  • The processing bank concludes that serious violations of the merchant agreement could result in increased loss exposure to itself or the credit card community.

Once a merchant has been placed on The Match File only the processing bank that added them can remove them from it. The merchant must work with them directly to accomplish this.

You do not want to be on the Match File!

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