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As vast as Wikipedia is it is far from complete. One thing I found lacking was the overall contributions for merchant services related topics. It seems that those of us in the merchant services industry are either to lazy to contribute or just not savvy enough to provide Wikipedia with good content. We’ve identified a few solid contributors, to whom we tip our caps to, but overall this category is just under-represented.

So, Merchant Account Services has decided to make the Wikipedia Project our project. Our goals are simple:

  1. Identify merchant services related topics
  2. Categorize them
  3. Contribute new content and improve existing topics
  4. Create new articles for topics not yet represented

To get things started we have created a Merchant Services category. So far we have four articles listed:, Chargeback, Merchant Account, and Payment Gateway. I am sure there are more that can be added to it.

And we do not want to do this alone. Anyone who understands how Wikipedia works and would like to contribute is more then welcome to do so. We have started a new forum to keep track of our progress. Feel free to let us know what you’re working on.

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3 Responses to “The Wikipedia Project”

  1. Jestep

    I think that I fall under the too lazy / busy profile, but I have tried to put some info up there. There is definitely a huge gap of information about just about every topic related to credit card processing. There are also a ton of spammy related sections, that need a lot of help or to be deleted.

  2. Jim Conners

    You actually fall under the busy category from what I’ve seen.

  3. Sara

    I think you’re doing a great job and I admire your drive in providing this resource.

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