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Google has officially launched its online payment system Google Checkout. You can register for it at

Google Checkout offers some interesting “extras” that make it stand out a bit from its competitors. Basically, they’ve tied promoting their new checkout service with their Adwords program. With Google Checkout and Adwords you get:

  • A cart icon next to your AdWords listings on Google shows that you accept Google Checkout
  • For every $1 you spend at AdWords, they’ll process $10 in transactions for FREE

Google Checkout is very similar to Paypal in terms of its functionality. Current functionality include:

  • Your customers are taken off of your website to Google’s website to complete the transaction
  • If you get a chargeback, they’ll reimburse you 100%, “if you follow our guidelines”

As of now their is no API that allows a merchant to have a transparent checkout using their system. The checkout page also is not customizeable. That means this Google Checkout will not be the choice of ecommerce stores that wish to maintain a professional look and feel by offering a seamless checkout to their customers. However, Google Checkout would be a good complimentary service much like many stores use Paypal now.

Google Checkout’s rates are very competitive when compared to Paypal. Google Checkout charges 2.20% + 30¢ per transaction compared to Paypal’s base rate of 2.90% + 30¢ per transaction. If a Paypal user wishes to have rates equal to Google Checkout they will need to have a minimum monthly processing volume of $10,000. Only Paypal users with a monthly volume exceeding $100,000 can expect lower rates then Google Checkout currently offers.

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  1. george d

    Google checkout does have an API.

    the rates i see on the GC website are less than what you are saying here.

    this is unbelievably great deal for those who have significant adwords buys, for example i could process all of my payments for free.

    even for those who don’t have significant adwords buys, the rates are the best around.

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