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Hypercom S9 PIN Pad

Hypercom S9 PIN Pad
Description: The Hypercom S9 PIN Pad is a cost effective solution for all Hypercom terminals, electronic cash registers (ECRs). By adding a Hypercom POS PIN pad to your credit card machine for business transactions, your customers are able to use their ATM/Debit Card as payment for your products.
  • Unique custom decoration creates a new vehicle for brand awareness
  • Cost-effective and easy-to-use PIN entry device
  • Meets the latest security standards
  • Visa PED and Triple DES-certified
  • Easily integrated with existing POS devices
Dimensions: Length: 6.73 in
Width: 3.54 in
Depth: 2.09 in
Display: 2 lines x 16 characters, LCD
Keypad: 16 silicone rubber keys
Peripheral Ports: RS-422 PIN (standard), RS-232 3-wire (optional)
Voltage: 12 V, 100m A (standard)
Is a Pinpad? Yes