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Verifone P900 Printer

Verifone P900 Printer
Description: The VeriFone Printer 900, positioned at the top of the VeriFone line, is fast, reliable and compatible with the VeriFone Printer 250 text application. As a premium roll VeriFone printer that can increase merchant productivity, the VeriFone P900 earns the highest marks. The VeriFone Printer 900 has significantly reduced average transaction time. Its raw print speed is a swift 3.7 lines per second, it has a separate motor for paper advance, and it features a three-line buffer that allows printing to continue while the terminal is processing. The VeriFone P900 prints a receipt twice as fast as the industry standard. This means quicker transactions, shorter checkout lines, happier customers and higher volume. The VeriFone Printer 900 is perfect for merchants who deal with large volumes of transactions on a daily basis. Users may upgrade easily from the VeriFone Printer 250 and experience the greater speed and long-lasting performance of the VeriFone Printer 900.
  • At nearly four lines per second, the P900 significantly reduces average transaction time. High-yield ribbons
  • With a life of approximately 2 million characters, or 3.5 months on average, the exclusive ribbon helps minimize costs. The easy-to-use cartridges makes ribbon replacement a snap. Printing methods
  • The serial impact printing method provides clear, legible receipts on both copies. Superior print head and print mechanism
  • A print head of 100 million characters and a reliability measure of 2.5 million lines for the overall print mechanism raise the standard for printer reliability. Integrated paper path feed
  • Paper roll moves freely, making paper jams virtually impossible, and an automatic paper feed ensures trouble-free loading. In addition, integrated support arms keep the paper roll in place, so there’s no spindle to lose. “Paper low” and “paper-out” sensors
  • Warning systems remind you to reload paper at a convenient time. Compact design
  • The small footprint saves valuable counter space. Integrated appearance
  • Together, the P900 and the TRANZ® or OMNI® terminals present an attractive, unified appearance at the point-of-sale.
Dimensions: Length: 9.2 in (238.0 mm)
Width: 6.08 in (156.0 mm)
Depth: 3.51 in (94.5 mm)
Weight: 5.75 lbs (2.60 kg)
Peripheral Ports: RS-232C compatible
Printer: 8-pin serial impact; 3.7 lines per second; 11 character sets
Voltage: 120 VAC (90-137), 60 Hz (47-63) or 220 VAC (180-274), 50 Hz (47-63)
Is a Printer? Yes