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Verifone Omni 396

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Verifone Omni 396
Description: By upgrading from the TRANZ to the VeriFone Omni 396, you gain a new world of easy-to-use features. The Omni 396 features a bright backlit display, screen addressable function keys and the ability to upgrade from a remote location. At the same time, the Omni 396 offers you the benefit of extra memory, a faster modem and an extra peripheral port-plus easy upgrades that make sure your VeriFone Omni 396 terminal will provide years of useful life. With its fast 2400-baud modem, the VeriFone Omni 396 substantially improves transaction time. This not only speeds up customer service, it lowers communications costs.
  • Increases user friendliness through color-coded, screen-addressable function keys
  • Comes with a four-line, bright, backlit display
  • Upgrades rapidly through Flash EPROM technology
  • Speeds communications through its 2400-baud modem
  • Allows applications to select asynchronous or synchronous protocols for complete communications flexibility
  • Comes standard with 256 Kbytes of RAM
  • Available in 128 Kbyte, 256 Kbyte, 512 Kbyte and 896 Kbyte versions
  • Carries an extra port for addition of a third peripheral, such as a check reader, bar code reader or ECR
  • Uses industry-standard C language for quick, easy application programming
  • Available with VERITALK™ and ZONTALK 2000™ software for downloads to remote locations
  • Saves counterspace through its small footprint
  • Provides authorization and draft capture, plus check verification guarantee
  • Supports all VeriFone printers, PIN pads and smart card reader/writers (PRINTER 250, 510, 900, 950 and PRINTPAK 300, 350)
Dimensions: Length: 5.9 in (149.9 mm)
Width: 5.6 in (143.1 mm)
Depth: 1.9 in (48.3 mm)
Weight: 2.2 lb (1.0 kg)
Microprocessor: Z180 CPU
Memory: 64 Kbyte EPROM and 256 Kbyte battery-backed RAM
Display: Bright Dot Matrix 4-line x 25-character display
Magnetic Card Reader: Bidirectional, supports ABA Track 1 and Track 2 or Track 2 and Track 3 reader
Peripheral Ports: 8-pin printer port for a slip, roll or sprocket printer RS-232 port for ECR, check reader or other peripheral
Voltage: 120VAC, 60 Hz; 220/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz