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Nurit 8000

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Nurit 8000
Description: In a tough economy, smart retailers, entrepreneurs and merchants go to where the business is! Like you, they understand the need for mobility and the advantages of making life fast and easy for time-challenged consumers. Technology can help your business keep pace, particularly with a pay-anywhere solution. Cut the cord. Get outside the store. Why make patrons hand over credit cards, when they can pay right at the table? Take refreshments and souvenirs conveniently down to fans in their seats! Give your taxi and limo riders an easier, safer payment alternative. Think about how such transaction flexibility can increase sales and boost satisfaction. Then think about Lipman... and the proven NURIT Family of transaction-enhancing solutions.
  • Itís the smallest full-featured hand-held terminal available today.
  • Wireless technology keeps you mobile but always connected.
  • A backlit keyboard and large graphical backlit display are easy to read in the dark, and an optional intuitive touch screen interface makes learning and operating easy.
  • Customer-activated operation means consumers hang onto their cards.
  • Built-in PIN pad and optional smart card reader protects both you and your customers.
  • Optional Infra-Red (IrDa) port.
  • Can handle multiple payment types: credit, debit, T&E, EBT, check verification, guarantee and truncation, pre-paid cards, loyalty/gift cards, smart cards and proprietary cards.
Dimensions: Length: 9.06 in
Width: 4.26 in
Depth: 3.23 in
Weight: 1.2 lbs
Microprocessor: 32-bit RISC (ARM)
Memory: 128K Flash EPROM and 512K battery-backed SRAM standard
Display: Large 128 x128 pixel graphical backlit (2.25 x 2.25 inch) display
Magnetic Card Reader: Dual track reader (track 1&2)
Keypad: 18-key backlit keypad (no overlay needed); Programmable function keys
Peripheral Ports: RS-232 (comm port); Four general purpose data I/O ports
Printer: 12.5 line per sec graphical thermal printer
Voltage: UL approved AC/DC adapter 8.4Vdc / 1A
Built-In Pinpad? Yes
Wireless? Yes
Built-In Printer? Yes