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From time-to-time you may find it easier to use tools that are not web-based. These documents will still help you in various ways. If there is something that you feel would be helpful that you do not see here, feel free to contact us and let us know. We are always looking for new ways to assist merchants.

Item Description
Ecommerce Preparedness Checklist When establishing an Ecommerce website you will face a minimum set of criteria from your merchant account provider as to how safe and secure your website will be. Even without this, a successful Ecommerce store will meet the criteria layed out in this checklist. Before applying for an Ecommerce merchant account you should make sure your website completes this checklist.
Merchant Account Comparison Worksheet When comparing merchant accounts you will find that some sales agents only tell you part of the story. Others will tell you something completely diferent. To avoid confusion and to ensure that you make an accurate and complete comparison, we have put together this checklist that lists the fees and costs you need to be aware of and allows you to make aisde-by-side comparion of providers. Combined with our Advanced Comparison Calculator you will easily be able to determine which provider is right for you.