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Website Requirements

Designing an ecommerce requires extra attention that a content website does not need. Attention to detail and other ecommerce specific features can make the difference between success and failure. Below we take a look at several aspects of ecommerce site design.

Merchant Account Requirements

It's bad enough that you have to entice your visitors to make a purchase from your store. But long before you even get that far you have to convince a merchant account provider to establish a merchant account for you. Merchant account providers typically want to review an ecommerce website to make sure it is a safe and secure shopping experience for your customers. By doing so they are protecting themselves as well as your business by reducing you potential for chargebacks.

So what are merchant account providers looking for when you apply?

  • Merchant's DBA Name Appears Prominently On The Web Site
  • Customer Service Phone Number Is Clearly Posted
  • Return/Refund Policy Is Clearly Posted
  • Delivery Methods And Timing Are Clearly Posted
  • Privacy Statement Is Outlined
  • Product Offered Is Clearly Described
  • Page Where Credit Card Info Is Entered Is Secure

See our article The Ecommerce Website Preparedness Checklist for more information on preparing your website for a merchant account.

Converting Lookers Into Buyers

Generating sales is different from generating traffic. You seem to be doing a lot in terms of getting traffic to the site, now you need to focus on how to get those visitors to make purchased from your website.

Improving conversion involves:

  • Getting targeted traffic that is interested in the products you are offering
  • Building customer confidence in purchasing from your site
  • Improving product presentation which involves the quality of your item photographs, having quality copy that elicits excitement in your products, and easy-to-use site navigation and shopping cart system
  • Maximizing after-sales opportunities such as ensuring smooth delivery of the items purchased and sending followup emails

To read an excellent explanation of these principles be sure to read How To Sell More on the Web: 30 Tips To Increase Conversion Rates For An Ecommerce Site.

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