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Search Engine Optimization

Naturally every ecommerce website owner would love to have high rankings in the major search engines. This can mean hundreds if not thousands of new visitors every day all for free. Unfortunately as most ecommerce website owners have already discovered this is an almost impossible task.

Ranking well in the search engines is a difficult task for any website but ecommerce sites are at a major disadvantage. Search engines use on-site and off-site factors to determine which websites to rank well and which ones not to. The problem ecommerce sites have is they lack content. They typically have the same content their competitors have since they are selling the same products. So off-page factors become more important. Incoming links from other websites play a large role in how search engines rank websites. Unfortunately ecommerce sites lack any special content that would encourage other websites to link to theirs.

So what do you do? Well, we already gave you the answer. You need good content. Good content can generally be described as being unique (it does not appear on any other websites), informative (it offers useful and interesting information), and interesting (people will actually care about the topic). So what kind of content fits this description?

  • Write Product Reviews

    Do you have experience with the products you are selling? Share it with your potential customers. Many customers who are shopping for an item do not have first hand experience with it and would be very interested to hear about someone else's experience. If you do a good job and alleviate any fears or questions they may have they may decide right there and then to make their purchase. If they don't, they may bookmark your site and make a purchase later. For SEO, the content of the article will attract links from other websites who may talk about the item and you may even get a link from the manufacturer if they like your review.

  • Step-by-Step Instructions for Product Use

    Although some products may seem obvious in their use, others are not. In either case, providing step-by-step instructions for using or assembling a product will be appreciated by your customers and will be link bait to related websites. You may also get a link from the product manufacturer which is always a great thing.

  • Articles Related to Your Products

    Are you an expert in the field that your products are related to? Share your knowledge with your customers. Write articles related to that field. Give them tips and advice that may not be related to your products specifically, although linking to items in your store that are related is always a good idea, and will make them better in this field as well. Not only will this establish you as an authority on the topic but these articles will be link bait for other related websites.

The more quality content you add to your website the more opportunity your content will be found in the search engines. If it truly is good content it will also naturally attract quality links which is the key to ranking well in modern search engines. It may seem like a lot of work but you only have to add quality content once for it to benefit for as long as you run your ecommerce website.

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