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Ecommerce 101

Everything You Need to Know to Get Your Online Store to be Sccessful


Author: Jim Conners ()

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Starting a website and having it be a success is very challenging in and of itself. Trying to create a successful ecommerce store takes "challenging" to a whole other level. Creating the website is twice as much work (and naturally twice the cost) and you need to make yourself stand out from an ever increasingly crowded marketplace. Your success is literally quantified by your sales and profitability.

This article, although very in depth and thorough, only scratches the surface of the world of ecommerce. Reading it will not make you an ecommerce expert nor make your ecommerce store an instant success. It will, however, give you a solid foundation of the world of ecommerce especially if you do not have any prior experience of knowledge of it. We encourage you to please read all our articles carefully. You then will have the knowledge you need to find an compatible merchant processor for your ecommerce store.

To help us organize our thoughts we will break down this article into three parts:

  • Website Needs

    In this section we will examine the core elements that form the framework of an ecommerce website. We will look at shopping carts, web hosting, domain names, and SSL certificates and what roles they play in your website.

  • Accepting Payment

    An ecommerce website is defined by its requirements to accept payment for a product or service. How that payment is accepted may seem simple to your customer but getting your website to that point is not. We will look at merchant account options, payment gateways, and the security associated accepting payments online.

  • Site Promotion

    The most difficult task in creating an ecommerce site comes after it has been built. Your website cannot generate sales if it doesn't have visitors. We will explore different ways to get targeted traffic to your ecommerce website and hopefully generate some sales.

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